Sunda Translator in Trados Studio

You can use the English-Finnish translation service directly in Trados Studio by installing the Sunda Translator plugin. To use the plugin, you need to have a valid license for the Sunda Business product. Get a free trial by contacting our customer service.

With our tools translations are performed securely on the Sunda Systems server. Your texts are not stored on the server nor utilized in any way. All data transfers are encrypted.

You can customize the translator with your own dictionaries and user-defined rules.

Download plugin installation file

Getting Started Guide

  1. Download the plugin file above and launch the plugin installer by clicking the downloaded file.
  2. After a successful installation you will see Sunda Translator in the pulldown menu where you can add Automated Translation providers to your project in Trados Studio (see image).
  3. When the Sunda Translator has been added to a project in Trados Studio, its translation results are available in the Editor view (see image). When the translator is used for the first time, you are asked to enter your username and password for the Sunda translation service.
  4. To change translation settings, open the Translator Settings dialog (see image) by selecting Sunda Translator in the project settings window and clicking the Settings button (see image). You can select special dictionaries and other language-specific translation settings under the English-Finnish and Finnish-English tabs (see image). To add your own dictionaries to the translator, click the "Edit User Dictionaries" button under the General tab.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Trados Studio 2017/2019/2021/2022
  • Internet connection