MT Technology

Sunda has designed an innovative and theoretically sound MT Technology that can be used to develop rule-based machine translators for any language pair. The technology relies on sound linguistic theories, and it produces deterministic translators.

Using this technology Sunda has built an English-Finnish machine translator which is in wide use and has yielded good results. It indirectly demonstrates the quality of the MT Technology.

Sunda offers language technology products and tools that can be utilized in processing linguistic information, or in building new natural language processors or machine translators.

Technology Products

  • English Parser: Produces parse trees for English sentences.
  • English Word Forms: Disambiguates word forms in running texts and shows the base form and the syntactic category for each word.

Technology Tools

  • Machine Translation Tool: The tool is designed for building rule-based machine translators for new language pairs.
  • Natural Language Transformer: The tool can be used to produce programs that transform natural language sentences into XML expressions or other formal operations.

For further information about Sunda's MT technology and its linguistic principles, please visit the Technology Background page.

Customized Solutions

The translator can be integrated to host systems using an HTTP-based interface. For example, the translator can be integrated in a document processing system, which handle and store English documents.

If you are interested in customized products or joint ventures, please contact us.