Sunda Web

Sunda Web is a web browser add-on that allows you to translate web page content between English and Finnish directly in your browser. Just click a button in the browser toolbar (see image) and a full web page or selected text section appears instantaneously translated. Sunda Web is handy, for example, for people who want to follow Finnish websites but are not used to reading in Finnish.

We don't sell Sunda Web as a separate product. You get Sunda Web if you purchase Sunda Tool or Sunda Business.

Main features

  • Fast and easy to use. Translate web pages with a single click.
  • Works with Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browsers.
  • The English-Finnish translator recognizes over 200,000 English words and idioms. In addition, it uses over 100,000 linguistic rules to translate text into Finnish.
  • The Finnish-English translator recognizes comprehensively Finnish words and their inflections. It contains over 100,000 linguistic rules.
  • Includes ready-made special dictionaries such as Business and Information Technology.
  • The translation page preserves the original page layout.
  • Through the automatic update you always get the latest version of the translator.